Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Google Disaster

We were happily running our blog: Certain News about Uncertain World (no use of clicking since it is locked). In fact recently we had extended our presence on Facebook as well. We also got to meet many readers of our blog who were impressed by this venture. Our blog life was beautiful and everything seemed to make perfect sense until the moment we attempted making a Google+ page.

So what actually happened?
For making a Google page first of all we were asked to provide the Name. Though the Gmail account is named “Statistical Events”, Google + settings didn’t allow us with that name. So we named it “Akanksha Inderdeep”. Next step was to provide date of birth. We had created this blog on 2nd Feb 2011, so we have always considered this as the DoB of our joint venture. For a moment a thought came to our mind that if it had created so much fuss about name, then it might even retort on our age. But we went on to submit the information expecting not more than a pop-up prompting to change the DoB just like Name. And guess what happened the next moment…. Our account was disabled and we were asked to submit DoB proof within 29 days. We went to a state of shock. We were wondering whose DoB proof should be attached. At the same time a thought of copying stuff from blog flashed in our minds, to have raw material, just in case we need to start from square one.

And then came the biggest shock as a blogger. Our blog was removed. We hadn’t imagined, even in a nightmare that some such thing would happen in a matter of a click. We had invested a lot of time in meticulously maintaining this blog. We are robbed of our most prized possession.

Now what??
We have submitted a file with DoB proofs of both of us, since we don’t have ID with Akanksha Inderdeep K. We have also tried to explain our sad little story to them in that file itself. What we can do now is just wait and watch.

We already miss you alot..
Please come back soon !!!

The only ray of hope is that our blog is not dead yet. It’s in coma and even if it recovers it is in a danger of suffering from loss of memory. So please please please pray for us…

Posted after 19 hours: Our blog life is back to normal :) :) . Seems Google people were really moved by our sad little story and chose to react quickly. Thank you all for your prayers ..


  1. No way :( that's really sad! Hope everything will be all right..

  2. Oh my god! I really don't believe that something like this can happen! U must be feeling very sad now. Be patient.

  3. I can see both of yours' baffled innocent faces while reading the lines ...

    Good that it too couldn't be without you guys for long ;)