Thursday, December 27, 2012

Old is Gold....

You might be wondering why am I saying "Old is Gold", when we are on the verge of entering a New Year.... But Nokia has forced me to say this...
This post is just to enlist a few things, which I miss these days. I enjoyed these features of my Nokia 1200 (at a throwaway price) but couldn't get them in Nokia Asha 302, even after paying heftily...(Compared to Nokia 1200)
Here are a few important of them:

  1. Torch
  2. Calendar: Nokia 1200 had a variety of calendars including Indian Lunisolar Calendar (the one which determines our festivals) and Indian National Solar Calendar (the scientific calendar approved by our constitution as our national calendar). Most of you may not recall what that National Solar Calendar is, but it was my topic of interest and so this mobile version of that was pretty handy. Indian Lunisolar Calendar I used to use regularly to check the holidays, be it Diwali, Holi or Ganapati...
  3. Messaging in Devnagari: Messaging in Hindi/Marathi was another thing that I used to do religiously, at least while sending wishes on Indian festivals. Many a times, it's annoying to read a spelled version of Sanskrit/Marathi/Hindi texts and specially so, when it involves literary/poetic words. 
  4. Call Screening/Screened Messages: Screening the unwanted numbers (some people playing pranks or insurance agents etc.) would lead to peace of mind, as those calls or messages wouldn't disturb your routine.
  5. Inserting a number in a message: If I want to send a text message and insert some contact number in between, that could be done conveniently in Nokia 1200. In Nokia Asha 302, if you try doing something like this, it becomes a multimedia message and you can't send it to someone having basic phone. 
  6. Timing of Message Delivery: In Nokia Asha 302, we get to know the delivery timings of the received messages and sent timings of the sent messages, which is actually totally useless. What one is interested in knowing is, when does your message get delivered or when has the sender sent it. This was exactly what I got in Nokia 1200 and it's highly necessary during network congestion or when you are out of reach...
Obviously, there are many new things in this new phone, since I have paid  more, but then in my opinion it doesn't make sense to remove the good features of the earlier versions.


  1. :D this one was awaited since long..good to see them finally. Minds like ours always have a set of grievances against anything in the world :P ;)

    Btw on a serious note, I really hope that companies utilize such feedback, to improve their products.

  2. Very well put as always... 'Somehow' ;) I missed this when it got published...

    But anyways... 'Hopefully' you won't mind my so late feedback :D..

    I was thinking if it is possible to send these points to NOKIA...