Monday, February 27, 2012

Rat's Paw /पिपांत मेले ओल्या उंदीर

It was an afternoon, in August. We (me and deep) entered our office to be welcomed by a messed up drawer. There was someone, who was sharing not only our office space, but our food as well. And then, the hunt began…
The claws indicated that it was some kind of rodent. But then, we hadn’t kept the drawer open. Was there someone from “Ratatouille”, who was smart enough to open the heavy drawer? Surprisingly, it was true. Its way of entering the drawer by climbing from the lower section of the table and then pushing the drawer from inside was really astounding. But then, we bipedals don’t like to get defeated by some petty quadrupeds. And hence, we blocked its way by locking the table drawer. 
But this new roommate of ours was not to be deterred by these small oppositions. In fact, it lodged its protest by routinely dirtying our floor and the table tops with its paws.
It kept visiting our room, though he no longer had access to the delicious food items. We desperately wanted to have a glimpse of it, but what we found were just various evidences of its existence. And now, the story seems to have ended. Last Saturday, we caught a sight of it in the water tank. It may have fallen down in it while jumping from its edge and couldn’t come up. Hope, others from its clan don’t take up its incomplete job of fighting against us…. RIP "the uninvited guest"…
आज मराठी भाषा दिन ! आणि सकाळी सकाळी हे उंदराचे दर्शन. त्यामुळे, साहजिकच मर्ढेकरांच्या कवितेची आठवण झाली.

पिपांत मेले ओल्या उंदीर;
माना पडल्या, मुरगळल्याविण;

ओठांवरती ओठ मिळाले;
माना पडल्या, आसक्तीविण.

गरिब बिचारे बिळांत जगले,
पिपांत मेले उचकी देउन;

दिवस सांडला घाऱ्या डोळीं
गात्रलिंग अन् धुऊन घेउन.

जगायची पण सक्ती आहे;
मरायची पण सक्ती आहे.

उदासतेला जहरी डोळे
काचेचे पण;
मधाळ पोळे;

ओठांवरती जमले तेंही
बेकलाइटी, बेकलाइटी!
ओठांवरती ओठ लागले;

पिपांत उंदीर न्हाले! न्हाले!

- बाळ सीताराम मर्ढेकर

सर्व वाचकांना मराठी भाषा दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy B’Day

Dear ----,

First of all, wish you many many happy returns of the day… We still remember the day, when you entered our lives. We couldn’t contain our excitement. We were waiting for you since so many days. Every now and then, we used to feel the need of someone like you. Your absence made us wander in this World Wide Web, in search of someone, who can lessen our web-trotting efforts. But , most of the times, it yielded no fruitful results. It isn’t the case that you are the only member from your clan to exist in this world. There are few like you, who had secured their virtual positions, even before your birth. But, none of them could match our expectations. We wanted someone who could provide exactly the things that someone like us would want; nothing less and nothing more. It’s well said “Look within, Don’t search for the things you want, in the external world. They are inside you.” So, we finally decided that we can’t wait for others to come forward. We have to take initiative and bring someone like you in the lives of many like us… That was exactly one year before….

Considering your age, you have achieved a lot. Though sometimes, we being only two, fail to give you the attention you deserve. In fact, today also, we almost forgot your birthday. In this first year of your life, you have given us immense pleasures… especially, the joy of creation. Within a week of your birth, you had earned the praises from a rock star in our field. Throughout the year, we received the words of appreciation about you from the young and old alike. Some even gave you a special mention on their homepages/blogs/walls. With the support of people like these, you grew up very fast and are about to complete the century of your contributions to this uncertain world.

Hope, you get better, day by day and enrich the lives of many like us, in the coming years…..

Once again, Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to our (me and Deep’s) dear blog “Certain News about Uncertain World”. You can see your gift on the right panel of this blog.... :)