Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A short update...

In marathi, there is a saying -
ऋषीचं कुळ आणि नदीचं मूळ शोधू नये..
But what about present generation scholars... I think many of us are interested in exploring about their ancestral roots, though not in the usual sense, but in the academic sense. It's a great feeling to realize that a teacher you adore most comes from a family which has produced many such erudite professors... and somewhere you are also going to be part of this bright academic clan.... The same feeling tempted us (me and deep) to invest our time in enriching an online database about the folks from our statistical clan....Just have a look at the complete account - keeping track of the lineage....


  1. Sounds interesting !!!
    want to go through it as soon as i get time:)