Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back to Books

Haven’t written since long, as I was busy with shifting, volunteering for/attending workshop, studying, teaching, practicing Japanese song etc. Finally today, got time to look at two long abandoned friends of mine – books and blog.

New Additions to My Bookshelf
Recently, had a chance to visit a book exhibition at Institution of Engineers hall, Pune. The USP of the exhibition was the almost throw away price tag of Rs. 50/-. Obviously, we (me and deep) couldn’t resist the temptation of collecting the books in a hope to read them sometime later. We both had two visits to the exhibition – one individually, one together, which yielded in exactly a dozen books per head. Here is a snap of 11 of them. The 12th one “The Dictionary of Derivatives”, is in the department as it is the one that would help convert incomprehensible Greek letters of finance into apprehensible English letters. Don’t know when I am going to read so many of them, ‘coz even one per month would take entirely two years, during which there are surely going to be new entrants in the queue. But for the time being, I am happy to see these new books resting elegantly at my new home. After a 4-year long stay at hostel, which had enough space only for statistical books, this leisure stuff reminds me of my home, back in Aurangabad.

In school days, mostly my vacation plans would center only around books. Now a days I feel like going back to that time, when I wouldn’t keep the book down, until finishing it. Such days are now rare. In fact, so is the influence of computers, that after clicking this photograph, I thought of pressing ‘undo’ to rearrange the books in place. I hope the batch arrival of them would now help me to get back to them soon.


  1. Sahi...Been reading that ad since days, hope to get there soon..

  2. Good one.. Motivating !!

    I hope this post gets me back too to your abandoned friends and my long lost friends 'books and blog'.. :)!!