Thursday, April 14, 2011


Procrastination…. almost everyone has experienced it…I’m not an exception. But this time, it was heights of indolence. It has probably been a week since I spent my entire day prolifically. Initially, tried to work on some tedious, almost new topic “EM Algorithm”; so, could console myself about the sudden dip in the efficiency.  In fact, managed to convince my advisor, by giving the same excuse… how it’s inevitable to study this topic and at the same time it’s so time-consuming…. But, alas, even these excuses have their own “best before” date L.  Was thinking that it’s time to seriously get back to the work… but it’s difficult to get back on track, once you have derailed. Inertia makes its presence felt, every now and then… and as expected, before I could reach in the right gear, the excuse became outdated. Probably, for the first time during the past 7-8 months, I faltered over a seemingly innocuous question by my advisor, “What’s going on?”.  So now, it’s time to wake up, before it’s too late….. Will have to work really hard, to make up for this gap… off to work now…


  1. so i already c u back on track this morning.. good luck ;)
    btw was good to hear something with a lighter note :D

  2. "What’s going on?" ...

    HMMMMMM???? :p :p

    Chalo all the best...

    c ya tomorrow :)

  3. B/w I really pray ..

    Ur advisor shouldn't ask the same question to me.. :(