Sunday, February 9, 2014

Back to Blog...

It has been really long, since I wrote...Dec-Jan is generally the most inspiring month for me (& probably for many young academicians like me) as it's a conference season. That's why, this blog also started in January, when I was overwhelmed by one such motivating experience. This year-end & New-year was no exception. It started with the alumni meet at our Department, where we actually got to meet many alumni about whom we had heard a lot; from our seniors as well as teachers. It was more like a family reunion for our ilk. Then came the conference to mark International Year of Statistics & Diamond Jubilee of our Department. Listening about Huzurbazar, Fisher and many more like them was really an interesting experience. 

Aurangabad Caves
After a while, we went for a conference at my Hometown. Visiting Aurangabad Caves, Panchakki after about 12-13 years was a refreshing experience. I had almost forgotten the beauty of these places. Getting to meet some old & new conference pals was as expected a nice experience. 

Then came a trip to Hyderabad, which was an unforgettable journey as we got to meet a living legend in Statistics, Prof. C. R. Rao. We got to talk to him and got a signed copy of his autobiography. This was really enthralling. The gallery at the C R Rao Institute was also worth visiting. We also got to meet some non-statisticians doing great work in Statistics. Getting to see the museums at Hyderabad was a pleasing by-product.

The latest in this series was a trip to Nashik for a national workshop. The journey to Nashik and the stay there were both amazing as I got to listen to many amusing anecdotes related to Statistics and Statisticians. It was really illuminating to see how even simple statistical tools can help us in real life.

Getting to meet so many great people has lengthened my wish-list. Let's see how many of them, I can  fulfill...

PS: Special thanks to Deep & Richa for their great company and lovely snaps...


  1. :) good to see you back and to read about the conference season experiences..
    Keep writing !!