Friday, June 28, 2013

Amazon Story - 2

In continuation with the previous post, here are the points, due to which I may hesitate while ordering from Amazon again:

1. Even if you order and pay for things, you may not get them. You will get a refund (this is what they claim, I'm still unsure about that), but then we don't shop to get refunds. We shop for things that we need. So, if I have an urgent need for something, I won't rely on Amzaon as they tell you that they have run out of stock after a long wait. 
2. If your things don't get delivered, you have to complain first. They won't bother at all to inform you that  there is some problem with the order. They will keep on boasting on their site that they are processing your stuff and will deliver the things by the expected delivery date, which may even be a past date.
3. If they cancel an order due to non-availability of stock, they will completely erase that thing from your order history as if to wipe out all the evidences of the crime that they have committed. 
4. Sometimes after shipping, no tracking is possible. If some seller sends the things by some local courier, then it is okay. But, in one case, even for a seller whose parcel came by FedEx, tracking information was not available.

As a statistician, I know that this is a very small sample to conclude something about the "Brand Amazon", but I can't stop comparing this experience with my long time relationship with Flipkart, an Indian company, which is still a nascent company (compared to Amazon and ironically started by two ex-amazonians). 
I think I'll prefer buying from Flipkart, even if I have to pay a bit more because (as per my experience until now)

1. If you pay for something, you get that thing. They don't cancel your orders on their whim.
2. Until now, there has been no problem related to any order.
3. Even if you cancel some orders or don't pay for an order, all these orders are visible in your order history, with the appropriate remarks (Cancelled / Payment not received etc.). This helps you, specially if you want to place that order again.
4. Tracking page is always updated. In fact, the day on which you are supposed to get the delivery, you are alerted by an SMS. As a result, you can ensure that you are around when the delivery boy turns up.
5. If you cancel an order, you can store the refund amount in you Flipkart Wallet and use it for further purchases. This is faster than bank refund. I was a bit worried when I first used the wallet, as the balance in the wallet was not sufficient for my next order. But their system is smart enough and it deducted only the remaining amount (Price - Wallet balance) from my card.

I hope Amazon people will learn some day that "What a customer needs is a correct reply and not just a quick reply based on false information".

PS: I think I need to create a special label for my grievances: First it was Nokia, then Google and now Amazon. ;)

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  1. Everywhere, the problem arises coz we get satisfactory things in the beginning and then our expectations get set.. ;)

    Later on, their comes a wake up call.. 'everything behaves in its own way ' ...

    I too had a bad experience with Homeshop coz flipkart is amazing ;) !

    Hope ur disappointment got relieved with this post :)!