Saturday, August 4, 2012

If only - 2...

Would it have hurt God to be a bit more systematic and create identical human beings, with identical thoughts… There wouldn’t have been any confusions, misunderstandings. World would have been a happier place and then people would have really believed in God. So, in the end it would have been a benefit to the God as well. Why didn’t he think of His own profit at least?

But if you were happy, would you really go to God just to thank him for whatever he has offered. If everyone around you is equally happy as you, you start thinking that getting this is your right and not a favour by God. So, no need to thank him. So, if God fulfills your wishes automatically, he won’t get any offerings. Seems God is far more foresighted and smarter than us. That’s why He is happy to keep us unhappy to secure His future.

But what about your future. We would have surely been happier to have like-minded people around us. There wouldn’t have been any quarrels, wars. So many lives would have been saved. Just imagine Duryodhan offering half of his kingdom to Yudhishthira, Ravan gracefully returning Seeta to Ram and so on. Surely, Mahabharata and Ramayana would have been a bit boring to read and watch. If everyone would have been logical and flexible, there would remain no uncertainty in life. It would be almost surely predictable.  कहानी में twist  आये बिना  climax का मजाही क्या ? So, it seems that God wanted our lives to be ‘खमंग’ and so he added so many flavours of dissent to it.

If you think a bit more calmly, is the person in front of you really illogical or stiff? Stubbornness on part of one person is irritating to you, but then are you not being equally stubborn in not accepting that person as it is? Why do you think that there is only one solution to the problem at hand? There may be an entire set of solutions, but the feasible region may vary from person to person as per his constraints. So, you have to optimize the results subject to the constraints of all those who are involved in this problem some way or other. That seems to be a real skill and it will be really thrilling if you could attain the optimum within the constraints of most, if not all. Because, the variety of these constraints is commendable. God seems to have put in a lot of thought and creativity in crafting each piece on this Earth, including yourself. So, why not simply enjoy being a part of this bigger plan and play your role in the best possible manner, instead of cursing God for this lovable diversity, without which the earth would have been a storehouse for the machine outputs?


  1. Once one realises that "HE" is "God" who better knows what is better for him, he remains happy forever......

  2. As always.. You have solutions or at least directions for all the

    God's plans are definitely better and he tests good patience to
    before unveiling them...

    Very well summarized :)!!

  3. Nice post..
    Just a little remark on "Ravan gracefully returning Seeta to Ram" in the happier world with like-minded people.. don't you think, that in such a situation Ravan wouldn't have kidnapped her at first place :o