Friday, January 27, 2012

折り紙 - Origami

Haven't written anything since long... In fact there has been a drought of posts in 2012. But there is a reason behind it. Was busy with some creative stuff apart from writing. Here is the final output of the same seen through Deep's camera..... (Click the caption for enlarged view along with the names)
Origami City
It all started when our Japanese teacher told us about the exhibition "Reflections-2012" showcasing some aspects of Japanese lifestyle and culture to be held at Ranade Institute. We were supposed to present something related to Origami. First we started with the idea of airport, but finally landed on this city. Meanwhile, there was also a chart to be prepared related to origami stories. So, with so many things to do along with the regular work, couldn't take out time for blogging....
It was really an interesting experience... to see almost real-life like objects emerging out of a plane sheet of paper, without using anything other than the paper and our hands (Not even scissors, gum etc.). The word Origami literally means folding paper (Ori = To fold, Kami= Paper). So, our city consists of just twists and folds & no destructive acts like cutting.....
Showcasing this city and explaining the types of origami, telling the stories related to it to the visitors on the actual tenrankhai (exhibition) day was even more interesting. The most enjoyable experience was to tell these things to Japanese people in chyotto chyotto Nihongo (Little bit of Japanese) and listen to their excited responses in थोडा थोडा हिंदी / थोडी थोडी मराठी. In fact I even got a 5-yen coin, which is considered to be a lucky coin in Japan, from a Japanese girl.... So, in all it was a good republic day!!!


  1. Nice,Creative and colourful!
    Would love to see a city of this design in original :)

    1. Yeah, I would have invited you to see, but you were not in Pune...

  2. mast! surekh!!
    liked the line: "our city consists of just twists and folds & no destructive acts like cutting....."

    1. Thanks.... Specially, for noticing the line, which even I loved most.